We are Flocktory

Omnichannel AI-based marketing personalization and automation platform. We handle business challenges for e-commerce, brands, fintech and other businesses. We drive performance, improve CRM, and handle other business tasks.

Flocktory is

Our mission

To find a way from our partners goals to the best achievable results through our products and team work

Everybody loves stories, right?
Let’s look how it all began

  • 2012

    The beginning of the story

    In a faraway pre-referral world it all began with just one but revolutionary idea — DATA could work for business and give it a push towards expansive growth.

    As you see — it worked. With help of our future partners we piloted the first feedback referral program, which offered you a chance to share opinions about your customer experience with your friends on a social network and get a personal discount if just one of them made an order.

    It sounds generic now, but then it was like the Big-Bang.

    We became a fast-growing tech startup with  huge potential, and in a short time we expanded the number of our products from a single referral program to a complex personalization solution, a marketing automation solution, Second Party Data Exchange solution, and a Performance solution.

  • 2017

    Acquired by QIWI group

  • Today

    Moving forward

    We  are still keep on our wonderful journey. We are in love with tech and data just as much as before, and we are getting stronger and more productive day by day.

Take a look at our numbers.
They're impressive

  • 15+ solutions
  • 100+ experts
  • 30% + transactions analyzed by us online
  • 90 mln+ user’s profiles (Flocktory ID)
  • 145 mln euro a year.- revenue we get for our partners on average

What makes us Flocktory?
It matters.


This is very important for everybody — it is both the focus and an index of doing everything right.


A necessity for new ideas to be born, as well as for unexpected offers, product creation and development, and decision making.


That’s the only way, even if it's difficult.


This is very important at all stages of evolution, growth, and development of every team member, partner and our projects. Feel free to speak about things that are important to you. Always remember: you are not alone, we are a team.


This is the route to the best results. Work out your vision, stick to the plan, inspire and encourage, criticize fairly and in private.


This  is a basis of our relationship, both business and private. It leads to safety and comfort, which create an atmosphere where new ideas are born and challenges are conquered.

Our dream team

Thinkers, explorers, predictors, creators, doers.
Your friends and partners.

Our location

Spain Plaza de Carlos Trias Bertrán 4, 28020, Madrid

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