Analysis of Buyer Behavior in the Russian Internet from February to May 2022

    Since February, we have been regularly sharing with you research about Runet buying behaviour within the main e-commerce categories, in order to understand how consumption patterns are changing from month to month during this unstable period of constant upheaval.

    Today, we want to show you a significant piece of research, and you will learn what has happened to the online trading market and how it’s adapting to new realities.

    We analysed the most popular categories (e-groceries, goods for children, pet supplies, clothing (clothes, shoes and accessories), beauty, health, computers and electronics, household appliances and goods for the home and garden, leisure and entertainment, automobiles, and sports) by the following parameters:

    Category share increase in the buyers’ wallets and comparison of the main consumer metrics for selected periods.

    • Distribution of purchases in categories between devices: PC and Mobile
    • Prices growth dynamics for purchased goods
    • The analysis is based on Flocktory data

    We hope you enjoy reading about it!