How we find those who are interested in buying or ready to take the targeted action you need

Almost everyone has heard about Smart segments, and many people use them. Let’s take a look at how they are formed and why they work so well.

Smart segments are audience segments based on predictive analytics. Their main purpose is to personalise communication with users, and of course to obtain the necessary targeted action as a result.

Flocktory Smart Segments Formation

Due to the large number of major partners from different categories — retail, financial organisations and others, we see and analyse about 38% of transactions on the Runet, which means that a large amount of data is constantly circulating and updating within the Flocktory platform, and becoming the basis for statistical observations. Flocktory smart segments are based on the analysis of more than 100,000 such observations, and this number is constantly growing.

What data we analyse

Besides users’ behaviour and purchase history data, we analyse:

  • social profiles
  • geography
  • demographics
  • behaviour in payment systems
  • purchasing power
  • social influence
  • and over 100 other factors

Analysing these statistics with real-time conversion information allows us to apply ML algorithms to search for behaviour patterns and to cluster users. Such patterns and clusters form the content for building look-alike models, which targeting is subsequently based on, and target audiences with a high potential for belonging to a particular segment are formed.

How Smart segments are counted

We look at how visitors behave on the site of a particular partner, then we look at how they behave on other resources. Then:

  • we determine those who fit in terms of their behaviour into the training segment
  • we enrich this data with parameters from the block above
  • based on the newly created profile, our algorithm determines the look-alike
  • as a result, we understand what a buyer looks like, and whose behaviour pattern corresponds to a specific segment for a specific business’s logic.

Which Flocktory Smart Segments are most often used by our partners?

High Interest

As part of Flocktory’s portfolio of native Smart segments, High Interest is a way of targeting users with an interest in buying in a particular category of products, or products of a specific brand on a particular retailer’s website.

Using self-developed ML algorithms, we analyse a huge amount of data about the behaviour of a particular user to determine in real time their level of interest in buying a particular category of products, or products of a specific brand.

Using this analytical approach allows both stores and brands to aim promotional campaigns at users with a certain calculated interest.

In this way, we can reach users with relevant communication and motivate them to make a purchase in the target category or brand.

Price Hunters

Price Hunters is a Smart segment based on the match of look-alike users whose behaviour is characterised by comparing prices in several stores before making a purchase.

We can identify users who have a high potential to buy and, most likely, have already made their choice regarding a particular product/service, but are comparing/looking for the best price. We can personalise communication with this audience and influence these users, motivating them to buy “here and now” through a personal offer.

Category Virgins

Category Virgins is a Smart segment based on look-alike matching of users who are actively buying in e-commerce, but have not previously bought in the selected category.

We can identify users who are a look-alike paying audience in e-commerce and have not previously been interested in the category that is the main one in the partner’s online store.

Category Lovers

Category Lovers is a segment of users similar to those who regularly buy products in the selected category of the site or show loyalty to it. It includes historical data on users’ purchases among all sites in the same categories over the past six months.

We can identify users who have a high potential to buy in a particular category (which you can choose yourself)

We can personalise communication with the client based on loyalty to a particular category, thereby increasing the chances of conversion into a purchase.

We can use any combination of triggers, in particular their purchase history, to effectively communicate with current and new customers, and understand their interest in a particular category.

E-commerce Buyers

E-commerce Buyers is a Smart segment based on the match of look-alike users who actively make online purchases/applications/commercially useful actions, etc.

What is the main value of Smart segments?

In addition to the fact that they help to find an affinitive audience, with real interest:

  • Smart segments are updated in real time on your site
  • they can be used immediately, without offline system training, in combination with other scenarios for related Flocktory products
  • when working with them, you can use any combination of triggers that are available in the used functionality and Flocktory solutions
  • it’s possible to set up automatic multi-channel communications both on the site and after visiting it.

What how can you start using Flocktory Smart Segments to solve your problems?

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