Customer Data Platform (CDP)

How it works

1. Data collection
The platform aggregates data with user-level granularity from online and offline sources.

2. Data standardization
The platform consolidates the data, removes any duplicates, then attaches it to a single depersonalized Flocktory ID.

3. Data segmentation
The platform breaks down the data based on auto-updating parameters.

4. Activation
The platform interacts with users through omnichannel cascading communications.


Meeting business needs

Revenue growth

Work flexibly with user audiences and ML optimization.

Reduce costs for infrastructure and marketing

Streamline ineffective marketing communications using a single online/offline database.

Increasing NPS

Systematic communications without data overload.

Reducing churn

Observe customer behavior at all touchpoints.

Data protection

A single information repository certified by Roskomnadzor.


By orders

  • Amount
  • Status
  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Average check
  • RFM

By views

  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Products, including products in the basket
  • Time since last visit
  • Traffic sources

By smart segments based on ML algorithms

  • High Interest — by probability of ordering in the category
  • Visit Engagement — by probability of ordering on the site
  • Price Hunters — by whether the user compares prices before purchasing
  • Purchasing Power — by purchasing power
  • Time of day purchasers — by potential time of activity
  • Loyal Customers — by degree of loyalty
  • Category Virgins — by those who haven’t previously purchased anything in the category online

By technical specifications

Device type and OS, user’s browser

By demographic characteristics — gender, age, and more

Trusted by well-known companies