Get new orders, capture leads, and motivate users to perform target actions with a personalized dynamic gift showcase from Flocktory’s partners.

How it works

Exchange is a system for rewarding a user’s target actions with unique motivational offers from Flocktory’s partners, customized for this particular user using predictive algorithms.

  • The user performs a target action on the website — e.g., placing an order, registering, or subscribing.
  • They receive an offer to choose a gift from partners as a thank you.
  • A click opens a page of unique offers from partners, designed in the style of the website the user was on.
  • All offers are unique and relevant to the user's current interests. The user won't see irrelevant offers or those of competitors.
  • The user selects an offer that interests them and accepts it.

Benefits for advertisers

Online retailers, banks, airlines, travel companies, online movie theaters and many others — anyone who makes unique motivational offers

  • Attract new customers and reactivate dormant ones.
  • Capture hot leads for phone and email engagement.
  • Increase the number of orders or mobile app installations, the average order value, and revenue.
  • Boost customer loyalty.

Benefits for traffic providers

Banks, payment systems, mobile operators, media, classifieds, logistics companies, fiscal data operators, and many others — everyone who provides traffic to the Exchange showcase

  • Boost customer loyalty.
  • Capture hot leads for phone and email engagement.
  • Motivate users to perform valuable actions.
  • Monetize traffic.


Partners include major e-commerce, educational, entertainment, medical, and fintech services, as well as mobile operators and fiscal data operators.
Potential customers who are interested in your offers and have agreed to email newsletters or calls.

Enabling the product

Submit the form, and our manager will contact you; they will tell you more about the product and will help you to enable it.

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