Flocktory xMail — partner newsletters or email retargeting

Stay in touch with users who visited your website but did neither make a purchase nor leave their contact data through our partners.


traffic partners

>5 mln

active users per month

>50 mln

unique email addresses available for sending to traffic partners

How it works


  • Getting more orders
  • Attracting clients
  • Capturing leads for email engagement
  • You manage the newsletter scenarios, user offers, targeting, and landing page.

Predict user behavior at different stages of the order funnel.
Determine how a module affects your overall results by checking what happens if you don’t send it.
Send the most relevant special offers to each segment.
Test each campaign element in terms of basic functionality without additional development.
Push website visitors who haven’t bought anything and haven’t left their contact data towards making a purchase.

Submit the form, and our manager will contact you; they will tell you more about the product and will help you to enable it.

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