Collect and process client feedback and manage it to optimize your business and increase sales.

Use the reviews of loyal customers to attract new ones.

How it works

The user performs a target action — such as a purchase — on the site, and the system suggests that they complete a survey or leave a review.
You receive feedback from clients, making it easier to improve both the product and CJ.

Available techniques


Launch any number of surveys in different formats Use a wide array of user behavior scenarios
Collect and analyze feedback
Assess complaints and run quality control
Increase NPS and sales numbers
Survey specific audience segments
Customize survey templates
Conduct both point and end-to-end analysis

Enabling the product

  • Add the Flocktory code to your website.

Submit the form, and our manager will contact you; they will tell you more about the product and will help you to enable it.

  • We customize the product functioning based on best practices.

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