Bulk mail

Use regular mass newsletters and push notifications (in-app and web) based on predefined behavioral scenarios to inform users and motivate them to perform target actions.

Flocktory’s mass newsletters allow you to:

  • Send messages to specific user segments (including look-alikes) to increase relevance — across multiple channels, including email messages and push notifications (mobile and web).
  • Customize the appearance of notifications and test different variations to evaluate their effectiveness.

  • Conduct A/B-tests within newsletters.
  • Implement comprehensive lead capture strategies.
  • Automatically target recipients by location, even if you have multiple websites in different domain zones.

  • Take into account the recipient’s RFM indicators to make the message as relevant as possible.
  • Show products that are popular among your customers and recommended items.


Address users by name in emails, show or hide content based on their interests.
We use two data sources — our tracking code and the user profile — to target the audience even more precisely.
We analyze users’ online activity and their reaction to push emails to find the right time to send newsletters.
Automatically integrate recommendations for the most popular products or services into your messages.
Ask users questions in messages — their answers will be recorded in their profiles for data enrichment and additional personalization.
Use the editor or a master template in your corporate style to simplify and speed up message preparation.

Enabling the product

Submit the form, and our manager will contact you; they will tell you more about the product and will help you to enable it.

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